The Book “Knowing God Ladder” Unveiled

The Book "Knowing God Ladder" Unveiled

As reported by the public relations of Xorasan Seminary, the book “Knowing God Ladder”, philosophy from the point of view of the supreme leader of the revolution, written by Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Mahdi Maqami was unveiled with the presence of the manager of Xorasan Seminary, Ayatollah Seyed Mesbah Ameli. In this ceremony which was organized alongside the meeting of the party members of the Islamic Wisdom Assembly of Mashhad with the manager of Xorasan Seminary, the author of the book and the cultural, social, and political deputy of XorasanRead More

The Authorities Of Hakim Conference In Tehran Meeting With The Supreme Leader Of The Islamic Revolution

The Authorities Of The Hakim Conference In Tehran Meeting With The Supreme Leader Of The Islamic Revolution

In this meeting, expressing the satisfaction of the prosperity of the intellectual sciences in seminaries after the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei called the criticism and innovation the cause of promotion of this branch. He added that among the highlights of the late Agha Ali Zenuzi is the same spirit of critique and the expression of new things in the intellectual sciences. Such commemorations are not merely a commemoration of a person but rather a reverence and promotion of a thoughtful and intellectual process. He recalled the importance of compiling aRead More

Oral Exams of Seminary

Oral Exams of Seminary

a critical opportunity for students’ educational capacity analysis Clergymen and students are busy with exams as well as enjoying learning. Maybe the “oral exams” are not so familiar to those out of Seminary, but students of Seminary are totally accustomed to and a little afraid of it.