The Authorities Of Hakim Conference In Tehran Meeting With The Supreme Leader Of The Islamic Revolution

The Authorities Of The Hakim Conference In Tehran Meeting With The Supreme Leader Of The Islamic Revolution

In this meeting, expressing the satisfaction of the prosperity of the intellectual sciences in seminaries after the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei called the criticism and innovation the cause of promotion of this branch. He added that among the highlights of the late Agha Ali Zenuzi is the same spirit of critique and the expression of new things in the intellectual sciences. Such commemorations are not merely a commemoration of a person but rather a reverence and promotion of a thoughtful and intellectual process.
He recalled the importance of compiling a summary of the philosophical and profound ideas of these elders by reminding some of the great scholars of philosophy and emphasizing the need to identify their personality and their views to the scientific community. The invitation of young people to intellectual sciences and the attention of the seminary to intellectual sciences and especially philosophy is very important.
The Supreme Leader of the revolution added that the removal of philosophy from the seminary of Qom will lead to superficial and inferior people teaching and explaining it; therefore philosophy must prevail in the Qom Seminary as well as in the Seminary of Tehran, once the center of philosophy.
He also thanked the teachers of the philosophy and the great assembly of the Islamic philosophy and Ayatollahs Javadi Amoli, Sobhani, and Mesbah Yazdi who lead and supervise this assembly.

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