Scientific Shining of Xorasan Seminary with Experts and Marjas’ Attention

Scientific Shining of Xorasan Seminary with Experts and Marjas' Attention

Xorasan Seminary has been able to save its scientific liveliness this summer and, while many seminaries are closed, is taking serious actions for evolutional changes in seminaries.

Shiite seminaries have kept their liveliness throughout history, and although they are closed during summer or on special occasions, students and clergymen will never stop working.

Marjas as the leaders of science and Shiite thought, seminaries’ backbones who are great examples for the Islamic society especially students and clergymen, have become pioneers and have not left studying and publicizing Islam throughout the year even on hot days of summer and have always been concerned about it.

Marjas of taqlid, especially those who have teaching chairs for Dars-e-Xarej of Feqh and Osul, emphasize on seminaries reopening on the last days of Shahrivar and have new plans for spreading Islam words and researching.

In the honored presence of Imam Reza (as) and with focus on pilgrims and citizens of Mashhad being in the cultural capital of Muslim World, holy Mashhad is the destination of most of the publicizing travels of marjas and experts of seminaries. This year, Mashhad has hosted experts and marjas including Ayatollahs Sobhani, Nuri Hamedani, Makarem Shirazi, Shobeiri Zanjani, Alavi Gorgani, Araki, Vahid Xorasani, and other figures who did the following: holding classes and spiritual and praising rituals, saying congregational prayers in Razavi Haram, meeting students and clergymen of Xorasan Seminary, visiting scientific and cultural centers around the city, and other publicizing and cultural plans.

Marjas and religious figures called Mashhad an appropriate host for marjas.   Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, the great Shiite world marja, called Mashhad the most sensitive point in the country with regard to the presence of Imam Reza (as) and expressed his expectations of Mashhad containing more Islamic symbols.

During summer, Xorasan Seminary not only did not reduce its scientific work, but also did a lot more, and great marjas of taqlid had chained cultural and publicizing programs in order to deepen the scientific activities of seminaries and produce thought and theories as goals of Xorasan Seminary. They know it well that nowadays seminaries are faced with a flood of doubts and must be able to answer the current problems, and this intensifies the burden on the shoulders of everyone in seminaries in the fields of freethinking and theorizing.

Xorasan Seminary has been able to save its scientific liveliness this summer and, while many seminaries are closed, is taking serious actions for evolutional changes in seminaries on the basis of Ayatollah Khamenei and the recommendations of Ayatollah Seyed Mesbah Ameli, the head of Xorasan Seminary. It has expanded its activities in areas of education, research, publicizing, and training in an appropriate manner.

An instance of this strong and thorough will is inspiring ethics and spirituality in seminaries since Xorasan Seminary knows well that seminaries’ resources, marjas, top figures, experiences and old-aged traditions must be used in order to save them regarding ethics, individual and family training. Therefore, Xorasan Seminary invites the great figures of seminaries such as Ayatollahs Sobhani and Nuri Hamedani to give speech in its weekly ethics sessions, and these prominent and popular personages spend a part of their valuable time expressing the wisdom of beliefs and ethics.

It is hoped that with the special attention of Vali-ye-Asr (may Almighty Allah hasten his reappearance) old-aged and well-founded Xorasan Seminary as the second Shiite seminary will appropriately play its role concerning sciences, revolution and beliefs, keep making progress and strengthfully serving Quran, Ahl-ul-Bayt school of thought, Islamic Ummah, and the great nation of Iran.

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