Sunday, August 20th, 2017


Scientific Shining of Xorasan Seminary with Experts and Marjas’ Attention

Scientific Shining of Xorasan Seminary with Experts and Marjas' Attention

Xorasan Seminary has been able to save its scientific liveliness this summer and, while many seminaries are closed, is taking serious actions for evolutional changes in seminaries. Shiite seminaries have kept their liveliness throughout history, and although they are closed during summer or on special occasions, students and clergymen will never stop working. Marjas as the leaders of science and Shiite thought, seminaries’ backbones who are great examples for the Islamic society especially students and clergymen, have become pioneers and have not left studying and publicizing Islam throughout the yearRead More

Faith And Devotion Are The Reasons For Humans’ Growth

Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani

Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani emphasized on the importance of learning religious lessons and said: Faith and devotion are the reasons for humans’ growth. In a meeting with the advisor of Xorasan Seminary’s manager and a number of publicizing activists and students in his office, Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani defined faith and devotion as the reasons for educational growth and recommended noticing this important subject. On the topic “seminaries’ students studying in various majors” he said: some of the topics, mostly Feqh, Osul, and literature must be taught to all, but the specialtiesRead More